Friday, November 03, 2006

A picture perfect evening in Carefree!

Carefree Station Restaurant is a great setting for dinner especially this time of year. Located at the end of Scottsdale Road and Cave Creek Road in Carefree, it is a drive from most places in the Valley. We were dinning in late October and since we chose to eat on the roof-top patio, the ladies need light jackets. The other options were an outside patio on the ground floor or the actual inside dinning room. The ground floor patio was actually very quaint and closed in, and the indoor dining area had a western theme. All areas were clean and inviting.
When we were seated the bartender came up right away and took our drink order and said she would also be taking our order (she was very helpful throughout entire meal). The libations were good, all be it expensive. The better half raved about her margarita and I know what you’re thinking, but she said it was great from the first slip not the last! The guys stuck with beer and it was nice to see Stella a trios on tap.
Getting to the food, the menu was massive and that may lead to some inconsistencies in the qualities of dishes. There are plenty of southwestern favorites and also typical steakhouse fare. I had the three enchilada dish, I was pretty hungry and also ordered a half salad (otherwise know as a dinner salad). Pricy at $3; the dressing was ok but the salad lacked any style. On the other hand Jones’s salad that was billed as half spinach was interesting with candied cashews, goat cheese and red peppers with a good tasting vinaigrette. The better half’s soup was a unique chicken tortilla and very tasty.
Main courses: As I said earlier, I had the enchiladas trio and it was different. As they usually say different is good, well ok, 2 out of 3 in this case. The chicken and pork were great, especially the cream sauce. The beef was super tough and lack flavor. The better half’s chili rellenos was a bit steep at $14 but she raved about it. Jones’s seafood pasta, $22, was plentiful and loaded with shrimp. The seafood lobster sauce was a little too fishy for me but then again I grew back east where the stuff is FRESH. This would also go for the southwestern shrimp and scallop dish. Greggy found the scallops to be a little gritty, but the shrimp where huge and plentiful, cooked just right.
Finally, we ended the meal with a fabulous dessert. The "chocolate eruption" was wonderful. It was layer; macadamia nut vanilla ice cream, chocolate cake, and fudge coated with a hard chocolate crust dusted with coconut. The better half doesn't care for coconut, but enjoyed several bites of the ice cream.
In all I would give Carefree Station 3 out of 4 starsß---------4 people went and ate, and 3 went home happy
:> ). That’s it for this week, stay turned coming up next Flo’s and then Don and Charlie’s. As always happy eating Arizona.


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