Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Flo’s Asian Kitchen

15027 N. Thompson Peak Parkway
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Under $20
Phone: 480-661-8883

Flo’s I am told by a very good friend who will go nameless (Greggy V) is the best Chinese food in the valley. We have argued time again about this and finally after numerous visits in the past couple of months, I will show to you that Flo’s is not "the best".
The food is good no doubt, fresh, and served hot. The problem is that the portions are small and for an average of 12 bucks a dish that is a big problem for a Chinese’s joint. Then again, it is Scottsdale. After visiting Flo’s your dogs will be upset with you because the doggy bags are very small.
The service was good on all three visits and the place was very busy each time, so they must be doing something right. Or could it be that this town lacks good Asian cuisine? I have yet to find anything remotely close to the quality I was use to living close to Boston.
If you are going to go to Flo’s bring your wallet you are going to need it. Feed the dogs before you leave because they will go hungry otherwise. And try the eggplant, both the better half and that above mentioned friend say it is the best item on the menu. One last bit of advice; don’t try to do any substuting, they will charge you extra as we learned only when getting the check. I would really like to hear any comments from the readers on their favorite Chinese/Asian restaurant so we can give it a try.
I will be reviewing Jade Palace here shortly, and as ways, happy eating Arizona.


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